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What are your rates?
  • From SGD28 NETT per hour

❌ No Booking Fee ❌ No Service Fee ❌ No Agency Fee

βœ… Minimum of 4 hours engagement per booking

βœ… Surcharge of $15 applicable for weekend services per trip

βœ… Surcharge of $15 applicable for Sentosa island per trip

What are your guarantees?

(a) complete the services with acceptable care and skill;

(b) take all necessary steps to avoid any loss and/or damage to the customer’s property;

(c) deliver the services in a manner, to the greatest extent possible, which gives the desired results as agreed by both Parties; and

(d) utilise the service duration booked effectively and efficiently.

Do I have to provide the cleaning materials?

Yes, will require owner to provide the cleaning equipment(s) and materials.

Do I have to be home when the Cleaner arrives?

Definitely yes on the first session in order to orientate the Cleaner around the house and to discuss your requirements. Subsequent sessions owner may choose to leave the Cleaner alone to complete the tasks.

Who are your Cleaners?

Our cleaners are full-time employees of our company. They have years of cleaning experience.

What are your cleaning hours?

Our cleaning hours:
DAILY from 9 A.M. till 10 P.M.