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We provide a well developed and proven methodology of running a maid agency business, provides ongoing guidance, systems and assistance in ensuring you succeed in running the business.


At EELIT, we highly value our franchisees as they play a vital role in representing our brand. We seek partnerships with individuals who align with our values and share our passion for culture, people, and exceptional customer service.

We believe that our franchisees should possess outstanding leadership and communication skills. They should be resilient and dedicated individuals who embrace the hard work and long hours required to establish a world-class recruitment business in collaboration with us. If you resonate with these qualities and are interested in joining our franchise network, we invite you to continue reading and get in touch with our franchising team.


Based on the projection of 300,000 placements of Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs), the market value is estimated to reach $1 billion Singapore dollars by 2030.

As of December 2022, there were approximately 268,500 MDWs in Singapore, showing a growth of about 40 percent over the past decade before the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the temporary decline due to closed borders during the pandemic, the annual growth rate of MDW hiring in Singapore is around 7,000.

Singapore’s 1.4 million households heavily rely on MDWs for various tasks, including household chores, cooking, and caregiving for the elderly, children, and pets.

The demand for MDWs is expected to continue rising significantly, especially as the younger generation becomes reliant on Helpers in their own households. As they transition into adulthood and start families, they are likely to continue hiring MDWs to support their household needs.


Increasing dependence on MDWs in managing family needs and maintaining work-life balance

Affluent households actively seek the presence of MDWs to manage various household responsibilities.

Families rely on the assistance of MDWs as crucial caregivers for their loved ones.

As children grow up and start their own families, the likelihood of them hiring MDWs increases



Established in 2012 by its founders Patrick and Sherly, EELIT has garnered extensive positive recognition across various social media and marketing platforms. The agency has received numerous testimonials and favorable reviews on forums, social media platforms, search engines, and the MOM website.

EELIT was also featured in an interview with The Straits Times on 13 January 2013. Impressively, 95% of EELIT’s monthly sales are generated through word of mouth, with the remaining 5% coming from walk-in customers. Since its inception, EELIT has successfully placed over 8,000 Migrant Workers into homes.


Introducing our Founder, Sherly, who has spent the past 10 years in client-facing roles within the maid industry, earning warm praises and testimonials from satisfied customers through her meticulous attention to detail and outgoing personality.

Sherly’s deep industry knowledge and understanding of customer challenges have positioned her at the forefront of building lasting relationships with clients. She is driven by a strong commitment to identifying the perfect match for each customer’s needs.

With years of experience, Sherly has gained valuable insights into the expectations of both customers and MDWs, contributing to her expertise in making successful placements. She also serves as a liaison for local and overseas recruiters and business partners, further enhancing EELIT’s network and collaborations.

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