Let Us Walk You Through

Before you hire an MDW, have you considered other options and services for your needs?


Domestic workers are a topic of frequent discussion in Singapore, with stories ranging from the exceptional to the unsettling. At EELIT, we have heard them all, which is why we have implemented rigorous processes to ensure the perfect match between a helper and your specific needs.

Specializing in the deployment of Migrant Domestic Workers from Indonesia, Philippines, and Myanmar, we are well-equipped to assist both first-time employers and those seeking a replacement for their current domestic helper. Put your trust in us and experience the difference we can make in freeing up your time and energy through our reliable and tailored services.

Which Nationality Should I Choose?


Indonesian helpers are highly sought after in Singapore due to their reputation for being hardworking, easygoing, and well-behaved. However, one drawback is their dietary restrictions, as they typically do not consume pork. Additionally, their English proficiency may not be as high compared to helpers from other countries.

At EELIT, all Indonesian helpers we recruit have undergone a minimum of 400 hours of training at certified training centers in Indonesia. This extensive training ensures that they are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their duties effectively. While the hiring process and waiting time for Indonesian helpers may be longer compared to other nationalities, it is a testament to the thorough training they receive before coming to Singapore.


Filipino helpers are often preferred due to their English fluency and perceived ability to handle more challenging tasks compared to helpers from other countries. Their understanding of their employers’ needs is seen as an advantage, reducing the need for extensive training.

Consequently, Filipino helpers typically command higher salaries. However, there is a perception that some Filipino helpers can be demanding or prone to misconduct, though many employers have not encountered such issues.

At EELIT, all our Filipino helpers are sourced from licensed agencies in the Philippines, where they undergo training in dedicated training centers. We conduct thorough interviews and select candidates based on various criteria, including communication skills, mannerisms, reasons for coming to Singapore, and overall attitude.


Hiring a helper from Myanmar can be advantageous in terms of cost, as they are generally the least expensive compared to helpers from other countries. They are often seen as less demanding and have a strong motivation to work hard and improve their lives in Singapore.

However, one challenge with Myanmar helpers is their limited English proficiency and lack of proper training before coming to Singapore. At EELIT, we work closely with recruiters in Myanmar who provide basic spoken English training and familiarize them with daily household chores routines. Upon arrival in Singapore, we further provide an additional 3-5 days of local training before deploying them to employers. It’s important to note that ongoing training and guidance will still be necessary as the helper settles into their new environment.

Employers are advised to exercise patience and understanding, as the language barrier can be a significant factor in communication breakdowns. Taking the time to establish effective communication methods can lead to a smoother working relationship with a helper from Myanmar.

“I’ve heard about hiring a helper on my own without engaging an agency, is it safe?”

While it is possible to hire a helper independently, it can be a challenging and time-consuming process that comes with risks. Without the support and expertise of an agency, you would need to invest significant time and effort into sourcing, screening, and verifying potential helpers.

Additionally, if any issues arise during the employment, such as contract breaches or disputes, you would be solely responsible for handling them. Engaging an agency provides professional guidance, access to a pool of pre-screened candidates, and ongoing support, ensuring a safer and more streamlined experience for both employers and helpers.