Not All Transfers Are Bad

A common misconception that is associated to transfer helpers. Rest assured we perform our due-diligence and recommend only when they are suitable to work.


Transfer Maids are a viable option for employers in Singapore as they provide the opportunity for face-to-face interviews, allowing employers to better assess and connect with potential helpers. At EELIT, we have a deep understanding of the transfer maid process and the various reasons why maids seek new employers, such as the expiration of their previous contract or changes in their previous employment situation.

Hiring a transfer maid can save you the waiting time typically associated with new maid arrivals, which can be as long as 8-12 weeks. Transfer maids often come with existing household skills and experience, reducing the time needed for training.

It’s important to note that EELIT does not transfer helpers who have been returned due to misconduct. We prioritize the assurance and satisfaction of our clients by ensuring that only qualified and reliable transfer maids are recommended for placement. This is the EELIT’s assurance!

Benefits of Transfer Maids

  • Firstly, transfer maids have already been working in Singapore for a period of time, which means they are likely to have a better command of the language and can communicate more effectively.
  • Secondly, transfer maids have adapted to the lifestyle in Singapore and have a better understanding of the expectations regarding hygiene and personal conduct.
  • Lastly, transfer maids have overcome their initial homesickness and culture shock, allowing them to focus on their work with greater dedication and efficiency. These factors make transfer maids a valuable choice for employers seeking experienced and well-adjusted helpers.