Your Satisfaction is our Priority!

Customer satisfaction is our top priority because when you are happy with us, you are more likely to stick around and recommend our business to others.

YES! Please be brutally honest!

To continually enhance our level of service and achieve utmost customer satisfaction, we kindly request a few minutes of your time to complete this Customer Satisfaction Survey. Your valuable feedback will enable us to identify areas for improvement and deliver the highest possible standard of service. We sincerely appreciate your participation and look forward to further enhancing your experience with us.

1. How would you rate the overall service provided by our Placement Personnel?
2. How knowledgeable is our Placement Personnel in terms of answering your hiring queries?
3. How would you rate the response time in sending appropriate biodata to you?
5. How would you rate the responsiveness in follow-up after sending the biodata?
4. How would you rate the biodata matching against your requirements?