Direct Hiring Your Helper

We are happy that you found your ideal Helper on your own! Let us help you bring her into Singapore!


If you have identified a suitable helper to hire, EELIT can assist you with the necessary paperwork and ensure a trustworthy and legal process of bringing the helper into Singapore, saving you valuable time and avoiding complications.

It is not advisable to attempt hiring a helper without the help of a maid agency, as this may result in higher costs or the helper not being able to come at all. The cost of direct hiring on your own is often comparable to hiring through a maid agency, and some customers who have attempted direct hiring have even ended up spending more.

It is important to note that without an agent, you may encounter difficulties in processing the necessary paperwork for helpers from the Philippines or Indonesia, and there may not be a binding contract between yourself and the helper. Taking such risks is not recommended, and it is advisable to rely on the expertise and support of a reputable maid agency like EELIT.

If you are still unsure, talk to our Placement Consultants or read this:

Should I hire a maid through agency or direct hire?

At first glance, direct hiring a helper on your own may seem like a very cost-saving option. However, you bear the risks of misfit skillset, Helper feeling home sick upon arrival, failed on-arrival medical examination, gets off-loaded at source country’s airport, replacement difficulty, as well as unfamiliarity with employment paperwork, just to name a few.