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In addition to managing all the necessary paperwork and formalities, we offer replacement option if you find your hired worker unsuitable. Furthermore, we offer counseling services to support and address any issues that may arise with your MDW.

Searching for your
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Let us take the lead in helping you find your ideal employer by building your profile with us. Simply register and showcase your credentials, allowing prospective employers to interview you and discover the perfect match for your skills and preferences.

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“…They found us a great match, even better than we expected. I highly recommend their help if you’re looking for household assistance…

Lucas Chiew (Google review)

“Attentive & patient services in listening to my needs on getting the right helper that suits us. With wide choices of helpers from Myanmar, Indonesia & Philippines…”

Patricia (Google review)

“…The friendly agent (Ivy) took the time to listen carefully to my requests and understand my specific requirements, ensuring that the candidates they identify are truly appropriate for my family’s needs...”

Pink Lim (Google review)

“…Candidate identification was closed to what we wanted based on our last wonderful helper who worked with us for several years. Thank you Eelit Agency for helping us with our search & checking in on both parties too...”

Theresa (Google review)

Frequently Asked Question

What should you do if your Helper borrows money from Loan Sharks?

In the event that you discover your MDW’s involvement in loan sharks borrowings, it is important to remain calm and remember that you are not responsible for any loans taken by your MDW. If you experience harassment at your doorstep or receive threatening phone calls or text messages, take the following steps: (i) Notify the police through the emergency hotline “999” or via i-Witness, and contact the National Crime Prevention Council’s X-Ah Long hotline at 1800-924-5564; (ii) Report the number as “Spam” and utilize spam filter applications to block the number and prevent further communication. Read more here.

What should you do if your Helper ran away?

In the event that your Migrant Domestic Worker (MDW) goes missing, it is important to stay calm and contact your agent immediately. There is a possibility that your helper has sought assistance from the agent. If your MDW is not with the agent, it is recommended to check if she has gone to her country’s embassy in Singapore, sought refuge at MDW shelters such as CDE or HOME, or approached the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) for further assistance. Taking these steps will help in locating and ensuring the well-being of your missing MDW. Read more here.

I suspect my Helper is stealing, what should I do?

If you suspect something is missing, it is advisable to check with your family members first to determine if anyone may have taken the money or item before jumping to conclusions and accusing your helper. Additionally, consider altering your routine or coming home at different times to potentially catch any suspicious activities in the act. This approach promotes fair assessment and minimizes misunderstandings, ensuring a more accurate understanding of the situation. Read more here.

My Helper is pregnant, what should I do?

In Singapore, the situation regarding pregnant helpers is straightforward. Unless they are married to a Singapore citizen or permanent resident, their Work Permit is cancelled, and they are required to be deported for breaching their contract. It is the employer’s responsibility to purchase a ticket for the helper to return home. While it is unfortunate that other considerations or options are not provided, this is mandated by the law. Employers who fail to comply with this requirement risk forfeiting the $5,000 security deposit held by the ministry. Read more here.

My Helper wants to end her employment contract without serving notice. What should I do?

In the event that your MDW wishes to terminate her employment contract without fulfilling the notice period and is unable to pay the salary in lieu of notice, there are options to consider.

MOM encourages employers to demonstrate compassion and explore mutually agreed solutions, such as agreeing to a shorter notice period or waiving a portion of the salary in lieu of notice. It is important to approach the situation with understanding and work towards finding a resolution that is fair and reasonable for both parties involved.

To hire a Helper or engage a Part-time Cleaner?

In today's fast-paced world, where time is of the essence, seeking household assistance becomes a necessity for many individuals and families in Singapore. When it comes to choosing between a full-time Helper or a part-time Cleaner, it's important to weigh the...

Should I hire a maid through agency or direct hire?

At first glance, direct hiring a helper on your own may seem like a very cost-saving option. However, you bear the risks of misfit skillset, Helper feeling home sick upon arrival, failed on-arrival medical examination, gets off-loaded at source country’s airport,...

Hiring a Helper to look after newborn

In a perfect world, daddies and mommies would stay at home all year round looking after their newborns, create memories and experiences with their little ones as they grow up. But in reality, in the hustle and bustle of Singapore, this would be just a fantasy. It is...

What should you do if your MDW borrows money from Loan Sharks

If you found out your MDW is involved in loan sharks borrowings, DO NOT PANIC! You are not liable to pay for any loans taken by your MDW. Some MDWs are unaware of how loan sharks in Singapore operate hence they may borrow from multiple loan sharks. Here are a few...

My spoon will not dirty your spoon, Mr & Mrs Employer

Many years ago, we came across a post from A Maid's Eye View of Singapore Employers - a now inactive Facebook group (last post was in August 2014) created by a group of MDWs to speak their stories in Singapore. We realised that even right up till this day,...

My Helper offered money to me

"Sorry Madam, I accidentally broke the soup bowl" confessed Seetee (not her real name), a Migrant Domestic Worker from Indonesia. Seetee worked for her employer for over 16 months and has carelessly slipped and dropped 2 plates over her course of work and more...

What should you do if your Helper ran away?

You came home and noticed your door and gate are left opened and your Helper is nowhere to be found. Her belongings are gone too. What should you do? If your Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) is missing, don't panic! Contact your agent immediately. Chances are your helper...

Overcoming language barrier with your Helper

Language barrier is a common communication challenge especially when the Helper is fresh in Singapore. It is usually one of the few conflicts starter. It either make or break an employment relationship. Hence, time and efforts are needed to work on ways to understand...

I suspect my Helper is stealing, what should I do?

Should I go through her stuff secretly? What if she catches me looking through her stuff, can she report me to the police? What should I do? The biggest challenge is you have no idea what she might be stealing or if she is stealing at all. The first thing to do is...

I am feeling awkward of having a stranger in my home. How can I overcome this feeling?

This is one that all new employers face. Three things are important to remember. First of all, a helper is not a houseguest. She is an employee. Thus you do not need to be “social” and you can (should) keep a reasonable distance. By all means be friendly (highly...

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