Having our own lodging premise means we are in total control of activities within the facility. We constantly enhance and incorporate relevant educational activities for the MDWs prior to deployment.


When Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs) come from remote areas with varying living standards, common issues that may arise when they arrive at their employer’s home include bed bugs and head lice.

Bed bugs are easily transported in luggage and clothing, posing a risk of infestation. To address this, upon arrival at our boarding house, we conduct an inventory check and screen the MDW’s luggage and baggage for bed bugs, followed by sanitization using a hot steamer.

Head lice is another concern, and it is important to dispel some myths surrounding them. Head lice can infest any hair, even clean hair, and may not necessarily cause itching, making it possible for the MDW to be unaware of their presence.

To prevent the spread and reproduction of head lice, thorough screening for head lice and overall cleanliness and hygiene is conducted upon the MDW’s arrival in Singapore. If head lice are detected, the MDW will receive treatment with lice shampoo to eliminate the infestation before deployment.



At EELIT, all Helpers hired by us are accommodated in our dedicated lodging facility before their deployment. We exclusively house our own MDWs, ensuring that they do not interact with MDWs from other agencies, thus preventing the adoption of unfavorable habits or comparisons regarding salaries and benefits.

Our lodging facility also serves as a training center where MDWs receive instruction on basic house chores and cleaning techniques before they begin working in the employer’s home. During their stay, we assess their communication skills, interpersonal abilities, and level of initiative. If any negative traits are identified, immediate corrective measures are taken.

Recognizing the potential stress faced by MDWs in a new environment, we provide mind conditioning sessions during their stay to support their adjustment and facilitate a smooth transition when they start working in the employer’s home.