In a perfect world, daddies and mommies would stay at home all year round looking after their newborns, create memories and experiences with their little ones as they grow up. But in reality, in the hustle and bustle of Singapore, this would be just a fantasy.

It is definitely difficult to entrust your child to a stranger who might not know how to take care of an infant. Even though there are stories about amazing helpers who are more than happy to take care of the entire family, there are an equal amount of horror tales about how badly the helpers take care of children.

Recently we came across a video posted online by an employer whose baby fell off from the bed, hitting the back of the head on the ground. The Helper who was tasked to take care of the baby was apparently busy talking to another helper of the same household. The baby cried out loud and the employer’s spouse rushed into the room, carry the baby and started scolding the Helper.

So who was at fault? The Helper tasked to babysit? The other Helper? Or the employer’s spouse who was home yet still left the baby to the Helper?

Generally, helpers of today are no longer like yesteryear that you can trust 100%. There are definitely good ones out there but it’s really rare and purely based on luck. Although there are short courses available if employers wish to get their helper certified to take care of the baby, still you cannot guarantee the helper would take care of the baby as her own.

If there is no other alternatives but to leave the baby with the helper, consider installing CCTV cameras. It is more of safeguarding everyone’s interest; not just about monitoring what’s happening at home. Also, employers also need to prioritise the helper’s duties, which in this case the baby, hence employers have to close 1 eye on the household chores.

In conclusion, as much as possible, get helper to only assist rather than to tasked 100% of babysitting to her. It is simply not worth when mishaps happen. By then it’s too late!