You came home and noticed your door and gate are left opened and your Helper is nowhere to be found. Her belongings are gone too. What should you do?

If your Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) is missing, don’t panic! Contact your agent immediately. Chances are your helper has gone to your agent to seek help. If she is not with your agent, either she has gone to her country’s embassy in Singapore, gone to FDW shelter either at CDE or HOME, or have gone to MOM.

In all situations, work closely with your agent. Once your Helper is found, find out from her the reason for running away. Allow a neutral party, such as your agent to speak to her. Most of the time it is merely due to misunderstanding or miscommunication. Some form of counselling by the agent would usually resolve the matter amicably. Unless the Helper is physically or sexually abused, deprived from rest, sleep or food or the employer has breached any of MOM’s work permit conditions that is directly affecting her, the Helper will then be referred to MOM or the Police to handle.

In the event your Helper is not found after 24 hours, you may proceed to file a police report for missing person. Employers are required to file a missing person police report and cancel the Work Permit within seven days of his/her knowledge that the Helper is missing to cease the levy liability.

In Accordance to MOM’s Missing FDW Guidelines
If the missing FDW’s Work Permit has not expired at the time of cancellation, the employer will be given a grace period of one month from the cancellation date to locate the missing worker. The security deposit will be forfeited if the FDW is not repatriated within the one-month grace period.

If the FDW is found before the security bond is forfeited, the employer should arrange for the worker’s repatriation as soon as possible. A Special Pass will be issued by MOM to facilitate the worker’s departure and may be applied through WP Online under ‘Cancel Work Permit’. If the missing FDW’s Work Permit has expired at the time of cancellation, the security deposit will be forfeited.

If the worker is found after the forfeiture of security deposit, please proceed to MOM Services Centre with the worker and the following documents: (1) FDW’s passport & (2) Work Permit card

Refund of the Security Deposit
You can submit an application for refund of forfeited security deposit to the Controller of Work Passes for consideration if you have found the FDW or have assisted the Authorities to locate the worker for repatriation. This must be within three months from the date of the Demand Letter to the bank or insurance company for payment of the security deposit.