In a recent case in Singapore, a man and his wife found themselves in serious legal trouble for hiring a domestic worker under false declaration. Instead of employing the helper for their household chores, they had ulterior motives. The story serves as a cautionary tale for those considering hiring domestic workers for reasons other than genuine household needs.

The Case: A Misuse of Domestic Worker’s Employment

The couple, Nurkhairul Achis, 38, and his wife, Ei Ei Khing Soe, were recently sentenced to six weeks’ jail for conspiring with their maid, Yin Yin Htwe Hlaing, to misuse her work permit. The maid, Yin, approached Ei to help her obtain a work permit with the intention of doing part-time cleaning for other households.

Ei agreed to help for a fee of S$6,500 and persuaded her husband, Nurkhairul, to employ Yin as their domestic worker. Nurkhairul initially resisted but later relented due to his wife’s insistence. Yin paid S$4,000 to Ei, part of which was used to pay an employment agency for processing Yin’s work permit.

However, instead of working for Nurkhairul’s household, Yin did part-time cleaning for seven other households without a valid work pass. The couple was caught when the Ministry of Manpower inspected a unit and discovered Yin staying there illegally.

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The Consequences: Legal Troubles and Fines

The couple faced serious consequences for their actions. Nurkhairul was sentenced to six weeks’ jail and fined S$6,000, while his wife and the maid received the same jail term earlier. All three were found guilty of conspiring to make false statements in a work pass application and aiding in the maid’s illegal employment.

The Lesson: Hiring Maids for the Right Reasons

This case highlights the importance of hiring domestic workers for genuine household needs and not misusing the system for other purposes. Hiring a maid for reasons other than genuine household chores can lead to legal repercussions, including hefty fines and jail time.

As a maid agency, we urge everyone to hire domestic workers responsibly and ethically. If you genuinely need help with household chores, hiring a maid can be a great solution. However, if you have other motives, such as helping someone obtain a work permit for unrelated work, please reconsider your decision.

Remember, hiring a maid is a serious commitment that comes with legal responsibilities. It’s crucial to understand and follow the rules and regulations set by the Ministry of Manpower to ensure a fair and lawful employment relationship.

Let’s respect the rights and dignity of domestic workers and hire them for the right reasons. Together, we can create a fair and ethical employment environment for everyone.